Obesity Treatment

Obesity is a complex disease affecting all aspects of a person’s life, from finances and social relationships to mental and physical health. We are dedicated to helping our patients find appropriate weight loss solutions that fit their lifestyle and goals.

To further our efforts to provide the best in obesity treatment, Dr. Alok Gupta is now Board Certified in Obesity Medicine by the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM). We are also members of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA), the largest organization of obesity medical professionals, dedicated to improving the lives of patients affected by obesity.

Why treat obesity? Obesity has a direct impact on overall health. Blood pressure, blood sugar regulation and joint pain related to excess weight can all be improved with even a 3-5% weight loss.

We use only evidence based treatment plans to address obesity, including FDA approved medications, and a variety of meal plans which include top quality meal replacements. We also provide continuing care for patient who are considering or have had gastric bypass or other bariatric procedures.

What to expect?

New patients should expect a full history and physical exam including dietary assessment, body composition analysis at their first appointment. An EKG and lab work will be required for most patients. In addition, due to the higher incidence of sleep apnea in overweight and obese individuals, patients may need tests for sleep apnea. These tests are usually covered by insurance and in many cases can be done in your own home. Your current health, lifestyle and weight loss goals will help determine the correct weight loss program for you. No gimmicks like unnecessary vitamin shots or off label use of hormones!

Diets may include FDA approved medications or Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), Modified VLCD or Low Calorie diet. These diets utilize top quality FDA regulated meal replacement which is only available through medical professionals. Patients on these diets require weekly monitoring and periodic bloodwork to ensure healthy weight loss. These programs also include periodic body composition analysis, weekly learning modules and assessment by a medical professional.

As you reach your weight loss goal, you will slowly learn how to introduce healthful foods in appropriate quantities back into your daily meals.

Expect to have medications for high blood pressure and high blood sugar reduced as you progress through the program!

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